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Who is MJ?

\"P1050676-250\"MJ Handy (Merriam Joan Handy) is a lifetime Lightworker/LIghtserver/Lightplayer.

She walks and talks in love, harmony and joy and shares her tools and experiences with those who show an interest and are ready to hear, heal and advance into higher conscious awareness.

She is aware and familiar with her Galactic/Divine lineage and past lives, and knows what her purpose is during these changing times and is committed to fulfilling that purpose.

Guiding and helping others with their Spiritual and Metaphysical questions is her forte, no matter what the subject matter is, sometimes with a brief explanation, sometimes through a series of regressions and counseling, and often through group teaching at special events.

She has known since childhood that she is a Starseed and not from this earth, and is looking forward to returning to her Galactic family and friends, very soon.

But for now, she can be reached with the info below should anyone feel the need to choose her services.

More about MJ: The Inside Story

Merriam Joan Handy, a/k/a MJ Handy, a/k/a Merry-I-AM, a/k/a \"The Joy Lady\", and dubbed in the year of 2000 as \"Spiritual Guru of the Palm Beaches\" and more recently dubbed in Delray Beach, Florida as \"The Godmother of Ascension\", was born in Binghamton, New York, and described by her family as \"an alien..... and not from our family....\"

She holds degrees in Social Science (graduating summa cum laude), Metaphysics, and Pastoral Counseling and is a fully ordained minister with Fellowships of the Spirit, a non-denominational church giving her national authority to do church services, weddings, funerals and baptisms. She is also a 3 year graduate from their School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy where she studied with Master Mediums and Master Healers from all over the world. Later on and out of the ordinary, MJ went forth and organized a team of Ghost Busters and was active in Binghamton, NY for nearly five years where they cleaned many homes from confused spirits and unwanted \"goblins\".

MJ has been a student of Science of Mind, a Course in Miracles, the Aquarian Foundation Mystery School, Grandma Twyla of the Wolf Clan within the Sioux Indian Nation, Sweat Lodges of the Lakota Indians, Apache history, Labyrinth designs, Dousing, Crystals, Color Therapy, and is fully certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and OTCC (Other Than Conscious Communications with Dr. David Dobson, protégé to Milton Erikson). Additionally, she is Corporate Trained by Johnson and Wales University in the Six Hats Thinking Process, Six Sigma protocols and Workplace Wellness. She has additional training in various counseling methods for Relationships, Marital issues, Grief, Stress, and Conflicts, and is designated by several organizations as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Master Intuitive Medical Diagnostician, a Master Spiritual Medium and Healer, a Master Past Life Regressionist, a Reiki Master (3 times over), and a Master Channeling Coach. Most recently MJ trained with Dr. Hew Len in the ways of the Hawaiian method of grace and healing called Ho O Pono Pono.

As a teacher and speaker, MJ has lectured at seminars and taught 36 courses at the college level relating to Metaphysical and Spiritual studies, leading to, at the end of her term, the \"Teacher of the Year Award\" from Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY. MJ previously was active in and was a Regional Award winner with Toastmasters, a Key Note Speaker at many organizational meetings, a member of the Florida Speakers Association and the National Speakers Association, and created and taught her own \"Info-Shops\" relating to Corporate Wellness, the Spiritual Side of Business, and the Art of Seeking Joy.

As a writer, MJ has written several magazine columns (one on Corporate Wellness for 5 years), many published articles, and two unpublished books titled: The Art of Seeking Joy and The Spiritual Side of Doing Business, targeted to help people optimize their lives and businesses. Today she is working on her life story, to be titled: \"Been There, Done That..... The Life Journey of a Lady Lightworker.\"

As a counselor and coach, MJ reaches people on all levels of their \"beingness\", which includes physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, relationships, business and their metaphysical life journey. Her methods involve brief and accelerated therapies towards a goal of wholeness, wellness, peace, harmony, laughter, joy and left brain-right brain balance without fear or anxiety. Most recently, as preparation for Ascension, MJ devised a 3 part course directed at clearing and cleaning past life karmas, current life emotional traumas, and daily stressors, using guided self hypnosis, quick stress releasers, NLP and OTCC tools and Ho O Pono Pono techniques. Students have raved about this 9 hour course and proclaim it changed their lives very quickly in an extremely positive way.

As a previous theater major, actress and producer and professional singer, MJ has extensive knowledge and abilities as a radio and TV personality, often writing and directing the shows herself and shares her delightful singing voice with listeners around the world on her 47 minute Christmas Carol CD.

The history and inside story of MJ......

MJ was not born into Joy. Her father abandoned the family when she was 2 1/2 years old and her Mom chose to drink for the next 4 decades, forcing MJ to go to work at the age of 9 years old, often holding down 2 or 3 jobs, in order to survive, help the family, and eventually put herself through college (the first and only one in her family ever to do so). In her twenties, she experienced radical breast surgery shortly after a major car accident that disabled her lower back for nine years. Seven surgeries later over the next twenty-five years, five being done under hypnosis without anesthesia, and wherein one of them left her nearly blind for a year, interlaced with episodes of deep depression, created a lifetime of struggle that became the fertile ground and staging area for incredible Spiritual growth and an intensive search for Holistic ways to heal, all of which formed, like a diamond in the rough, a most profound and dynamic lady. During these times, and still today, in order to pay the bills, MJ has been a Real Estate Broker, licensed in five states, (now only two), CCIM trained in Commercial and GRI and CIPS trained in Residential, and had her own real estate company, supported by continuous real estate studies that would be equivalent to a Doctorate degree in that field.

In the process, MJ discovered that Joy is a natural state of being that comes from the soul and can be remembered, practiced, and expressed through the heart and shared with others, in an upbeat dynamic, humorous, and \"an outside the box\" way. An entrepreneur of several successful self-employed businesses and an amazing mix of knowledge, wisdom and talents, MJ can touch your heart, help you grow, and make you feel happy and excited to be alive today as we move into the Golden Age and our well-earned Ascension!